One of These Things is Not Like the Other

This.  This is what I’m faced with immediately upon entering my neighborhood grocery store. Most of you will likely scoff and say, oh, big deal! So what!? What are we even looking at?? But perhaps a few of you will at least somewhat understand why this blemish on an otherwise perfectly corresponding floor throws me off my stride every time I go food shopping.

I understand accidents happen and tiles get damaged. Why not make a design? Even a simple square or something? Especially if you chose a tile that had a nice, peppy design rather than trying to match the tile already in place…and dismally failing, might I add.

I mean, it is the only odd tile in a veritable sea of like-colored tiles. And what’s worse, the banana table is RIGHT THERE. See it!? It could be moved over ever so slightly to cover up the oddball tile. But no. The powers that be just leave the offending thing there. Out in the open. Taunting me.


tile at acme_1


tile at acme_2

28 thoughts on “One of These Things is Not Like the Other

    • I would if I could! 😀 But it’s right smack across from the entrance, so you have to cross it (or at least see it) no matter where you head to in the store. Unless you take the scenic route thru the other side of produce/deli. Plus…I like bananas. It’s quite annoying. 😦

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