My Issues With Horses

So when I made my post about Misplaced Rage the other day, my dear friend MomDude over at We Love the Stars Too Fondly made his dislike of horses quite clear. I was quite anxious to hear the story behind this aversion to the equine community and, as expected, his story did not fail to entertain or amuse. Anyone who rides horses will truly appreciate his fateful equestrian experience but everyone is sure to get a kick out of his teenage reminisces, so I had to share for mutual enjoyment. For me, it was a laugh out loud read, for which I felt an untold amount of guilt.  Sort of.

We Love The Stars Too Fondly

One thing this site has brought me is some good friends who I have never met in person. One such would be the lovely woman who writes the “Musings From A Tangled Mind” blog. (It’s wonderful, you should subscribe and read regularly.)

The other day she posted this, I went and made some smartass comment (as is my wont), she responded with a goofy answer, and we went back and forth (see the comments section on her post), I ended up saying, “I’ve got some old issues with horses…” and she ended up saying, “I can tell. LOL 😀 You should tell that story too. Cause now I’m curious.”

Ok, I can tell this story half asleep (the first full week at the new job has been wonderful, but the days are long and my sleep is short), so here’s one for you, Wendy:

I was maybe…

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5 thoughts on “My Issues With Horses

  1. Thanks for sharing, that was a funny story. I could vividly picture the less than elegant, hanging on for dear life, hoping to god not to fall off, manic grip he had on that horse 🙂 lol… And yes, the hurting in places he didn’t know he had 😉 I’ve had my own round on a horse that took off with me for a second, but happily only for a few seconds before I got him under control (on my first time on a horse ever) so I grasp his “panic” 😉

    • I’ve been riding horses for years and years, so I could picture the whole scene in my head as well and I just laughed out loud at the whole thing…cause I’m mean like that. LOL Good for you getting the horse under control and not flipping out on your first time! Horses are not for everyone because they’re so huge and they can indeed be scary. But I’ve loved them ever since I was small so I just don’t look at them as being frightening at all. Here lately I don’t get to ride nearly as much as I want to.

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