Happy Anniversary to Me!

So it’s my two-year anniversary of writing this blog…wow. It’s sort of flown by and sort of inched by all at the same time. But then, the year outside of the blog has been like that as well. Writing these posts has been fun and cathartic, I know that. I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to do something that’s “mine” and to let my creative side come out. And trying to empty my brain of at least a few of these incessant flitting, unsupervised thoughts is probably a good thing too.

My friend Anne over at Minimalist Sometimes joined WordPress at the same time I did and that’s how we “met.” Liking each others’ blogs. She wrote a kick-ass post for her anniversary birthday this year. She’s clever like that. You should check it out.

I, on the other hand couldn’t come up with anything clever or eloquent or philosophical to say. So I’ll simply say this again because it just seems so decidedly apropos (there’s my 50 cent word for the day, Mom).

To my vast, loyal minions, fans, readers, I say thank you so much for taking the time to read my work – I hope you’ve enjoyed the meandering adventure so far and will stick around for more of my short attention span theater.

To the newcomers and visitors: “straight-jackets are on the left, meds are on the right, and keep your hands off my crayons.”

43 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Me!

  1. With limited time for anything outside of work and the care of my marriage, I still always take time to read, or if pictures, view your posts. Most often they give me a smile, also often an “ain’t it the truth”. Thanks for both and happy anniversary.

  2. Remarkable date! Happy anniversary! Happy I’ve found you here! I wish you many great posts, i especially love the humorous ones which make me laugh.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Write on! (I would be a minion, but I can’t make those funny sounds. I make lots of OTHER funny sounds, but not those. So I guess I’ll just have to stick to being a fan and an admirer.

    • Thank you, thank you! And I like you the way you are. I don’t think bright yellow is exactly your color anyway (I mean, really, is it anyone’s!?)…so you’re good as a fan (oh hey, that reminds me, do you fan dance!?). 😀

        • Out of all of those, I know what line dancing and a two-step are AND I can do them (well, one or two line dances anyway). LOL Square dancing I know but haven’t done in years and years (and years and years) though I’m always impressed when I see professionals do it and they don’t miss a beat. However, I like the YET you put in there. Bolded even. 😀

  4. Congratulations Wendy 🙂 That is a pretty good achievement to reach two years, a whole stack of people give up after the first year!
    Damn it, I almost left without my straightjacket and meds!!! LOL! 🙂

    • Thank you! And don’t worry, I always have plenty, so you can snag one of each when you get back! 😀 One of these days, I will get to your side of the world…and boy oh boy will I have some stories to write then! Scotland and Ireland are on my list of places to go before I die. Let’s hope I’m successful. LOL 😀

      • You’re very welcome Wendy!
        Lol!!!! 🙂 Those meds aren’t half strong, they knocked me out for 24 hours!
        You would fit in with the locals over here Wendy, you have a very Celtic sense of humour!! 🙂

  5. Actually, I kind of prefer “minion,” but I’ll settle for “reader” in this case. However, I’m happy to say that I’ve already retrieved my straight-jacket.

    Congrats on your blogging birthday!

      • Well, “pain” and “panic” pretty much describe my day-to-day working life, so I’ll go for that one.

        Plus, I’m not sure I see myself as a Bob — minion or otherwise. 🙂

        • I always thought Pain and Panic were funny even if they were evil. LOL Those two and Hades were the best part of Hercules I think (why yes, I do indeed watch animated movies). But seriously, maybe we need to start looking for you a new job…?

        • I haven’t seen Hercules myself (blasphemy, I know), but if it involves pain and panic and a whole lot of evil … well, it sounds like a typical day at the office.

          Maybe I should try to become a full-time humorist. Besides the no-money aspect, it might be a pretty good gig!

        • Oh you should watch it! Yeah, yeah, it’s a kids’ movie I know. But Hades (James Woods), and Pain & Panic make that movie. I know what you mean about work getting you down in a big way…mine can be depressing as hell, which is why I like it here! I can rant and get creative and forget about it for a while. Now if I could only get paid for ranting, that would be indeed ideal! 😀

        • You know, people should pay us for our rants. We’re providing an invaluable service to the community by airing our myriad grievances, whether perceived or real. I’m not sure how we’d charge, though. Maybe we could set an open guitar case on the ground and prime it with a couple of dollars. (But on a humor writer’s salary, a couple of dollars could take a while to come by.)

          I’ll definitely have to check out that movie. I’m not too worried about damaging my credibility as an adult. As a self-professed “Saved By the Bell” fanatic, I crossed that bridge a long time ago. 🙂

  6. Happy anniversary 🙂 Can you believe we have already been at it for two years? Times fly when you’re having fun 😉 I’m so happy to have meet you! It’s always fun reading your posts. Can’t wait for what you will bring the next two years….

    • I know, it doesn’t seem that long and yet it in some ways it seems longer. It’s weird. But then my whole past year has been weird and chaotic. I love reading your work as well and you inspire me to live better and do better. I’m not up to your speed yet on living more simply, but I’m working on it and for me (who has always had a house full of STUFF), that’s saying a lot.

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