Happy Birthday to Me (for real this time)

So, break out the belated balloons and cake, my birthday was just on December 30. Yay me! Of all the things I could have done to celebrate, I decided to spend time around family and it was a great time. After the requisite reflection of my life that occurs to each of us on our special day (Wait, what!? It isn’t a requisite!? Damn!), I realized something both comforting and uplifting…I’m happy.

Those of you who know me well (and those who haven’t seen me for a while but are back in my life) have been telling me for some time now that I seem more at peace than ever before so I’m assuming this sensation of happiness I have is real and noticeable. Kinda surprising I can write this with pure honesty. I mean, considering the year I’ve had and the tumultuous life I left behind, being in “serenity now” mode is quite the achievement (in my humble opinion). Yeah, yeah, I still have some of the more stressed-out Seinfeld-y “serenity now!” moments when certain triggers rear their ugly little heads…but not very often, and overall, I’m back on solid ground and not eggshells. A very good thing.

There are still obstacles ahead, but hey, that’s life, right? When they come, I’ll find a way to deal with them. Until then I’m just going to keep looking ahead and moving forward. Onwards and upwards, as they say. It’s the only way to fly!

That all being said, guess what…there’s a new addition on my Bucket List. Any idea what it might be? Skydiving? No. Just no. Bungee Jumping. Are you nuts!? Do you even know me at all!? Wrestle a kangaroo? Uh-uh. Meet Vladmir Putin? Pass. Okay, okay, I guess I’ll just tell you. You guys are really bad guessers. Ready? I want to visit the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum.

If this isn’t exactly what you were expecting as a Bucket List-worthy item, I’m with you. I must confess that I had never heard of the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum until I saw this article just the other day. But, I’ve always wanted to visit New Orleans. It’s got the bustling and vivacious French Quarter, the Aquarium of the Americas, the Audubon Zoo (me and animals…duh!), ghost walks, classic architecture, and a history steeped in voodoo and the occult!

That’s a rather good list of places to hit when I do go to N’awlins. So why the Pharmacy Museum? Well, this particular tourist attraction had me at “opium soaked tampons.”  I know, I know. Not exactly “mother approved” blog material. But still. How can one resist? Sold! You had me with the headline. That’s marketing right there people.

So I’m not going for the most noble of reasons, sure. It might not even get mom’s seal of approval, but please, this is New Orleans we’re talking about. An ancient, drug drenched tampon is just another grain of sand on that dune. And really, how can I resist the urge to at least see what the heck that’s all about. Plus the lurid appeal of voodoo elixirs AND leeches! Oh boy! I mean, come on, don’t even try to tell me you’re not feverishly perusing the article right now, trying to catch a look for yourselves and reading up about what else they might have in store (ha!) for their visitors.

If anyone out there has any New Orleans experience you’d like to pass my way, please do. I love learning about different places. Once you’re done poring over the Pharmacy Museum article of course. Go ahead.  Take your time. I can wait.


pharmacy museum

New Orleans Pharmacy Museum (click photo for article)

39 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me (for real this time)

  1. Well first of all, happy belated birthday! second, Thank you for the laugh at opium laced tampon lol! that’ll get people looking twice at their drinks 😄

  2. Wendy, here’s wishing you a Happy Birthday and an awesome start to the new year! Sounds like some interesting … um, exhibits. And definitely more interesting than the rock I saw at the geology museum. (Come to find out, they had a ton of them there.)

  3. Happy Birthday! I’m so sorry I missed this the other day.

    I’ve been to New Orleans once, for NolaCon II, the 1988 Worldcon. It was a most memorable experience thanks to the city, which was fortunate because it was not a very good Worldcon. But who cares?! We were right on the edge of the French Quarter, so while I spent most days schlepping recording gear all over creation in the rain and humidity (I worked the con for a friend who at the time was recording the filk concerts and putting out “Best Of” cassettes – pre-CD’s, how quaint!), in the evening when the con turned to chaos we simply went out stuffing our faces and finding new and interesting things to drink. Hurricanes! Mmmm, jambalaya and hurricanes… Good thing we had one good friend who wasn’t drinking and did a good job of getting us all back to our rooms!

    OK, just remembered a second time there, but I was just driving through while delivering my son’s truck to him when he got stationed in Mississippi for a couple of months. I remember the huge, long, amazing causeway on I-10 in one of the worst thunderstorms and downpours I’ve ever seen. Impressive.

    I can’t wait to go back. I might even have to go to that odd museum of yours. Although I can think of some questions… Never mind.

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