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Not exactly the best parenting technique in the world, but I’ve never been one to be able to contain my sense of humor…and it’s very difficult to give a stern lecture or punishment when you’re giggling or outright laughing at something your children have done or said. Worse yet, when it involves the very kind of sarcasm that so often falls out of your very own mouth and so you “get it.” Even worse yet is when you hear said sarcasm repeated to you via an authority figure such as a principal or teacher or other parent during a meeting to discuss the troublemaker (aka your intelligently witty impertinent child) and you have to suck it up and be a “responsible parent” until you can get to the car where you can finally, and with relief, let out the laughter or have that vehement shaking of the head moment (not at the child mind you, but at whomever the sarcasm had been directed to) that has been bubbling to the surface the entire time.

Parenting is tough.  Ugh.

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  1. As a general rule, shouting, “You did that?! ALL RIGHT!” and high-fiving the child in the principal’s office is frowned upon.

    This policy also works much better with a parent with an excellent and diverse sense of humor. I can think of an awful lot of things I thought were hilarious but were not seen in that light by my parents.

      • Ooh, ooh! I finally remembered the thing I wanted to mention when I first read this! At the time it was like right there on the tip of my brain but I couldn’t dredge up the details. It came to me quite suddenly in a completely random and fairly embarrassing and inappropriate moment, so of course now I have to share it. (I hate my brain sometimes.)

        There was a thing on FaceBook or Twitter or whatever where the topic was “Things your kids did that you were secretly proud of but had to punish them for.” The winner was a guy whose son and friends had named their intramural basketball team “The Spine” for some BS, cockamamie reason that some school administrator stupidly believed. The true reason was so they could, at the school assembly, each wearing a shirt with a giant letter on it, could line up “incorrectly” and spell “PENIS.”

        High fives after he gets off of his month of detention!

    • Oh no! Don’t look at me…wouldn’t dream of such a thing. 🙂 Although sometimes it is hard to muster up any parental dismay over the behavior when I can completely agree with why the sarcastic comment was made in the first place. And oftentimes I’m quite impressed with the quick wit of said troublemaker. So yeah. Maybe I am a bad influence after all. I should probably work on that. 😀

  2. I agree with you completely…but I’m not nearly as good as you are and I use to laugh at them while I was there. I wish I had known your trick when I was younger and my kids were in school.

  3. Once when my son was little the school called me at work to tell me that I needed to do something about my son’s behavior so I said ok what did he do?…Well sir he is whistling in class…silence dead silence especially from me I wanted to laugh so hard so I kept a straight face on the phone and said…is the school on Fire …no they replied, are the kids being held captive? No they replied …then don’t call me to say he is whistling in your class …if you don’t know how to deal with something as simple as whistling then maybe you don’t need to be in charge of my child or any child for that matter….they didn’t call me again after that. LOL

    • That’s ridiculous. A teacher should be able to handle that type of a disruption. Good grief. You’d think he had done something horrendous to warrant a call home! Whistling could be because he’s nervous too. Especially during test time. Some kids hum to themselves when they’re nervous. But even if it was just to be silly, why not try to handle it at the school level before calling home? Jeez.

      • The school was totally ridulous and I had to put them in their place more than once. There was another time we had a teacher parent conference and during it the teacher said my son had anger issues and I said oh …8 years anger issues really ? so she said yes he says when he gets angry he gets mean, green and feels like he is 9 feet tall and growls…so I start laughing out loud and they all look at me and said this isn’t funny …oh yes it is I said…he watched the Incredible Hulk the other night and is still going around grrrrr like the Hulk . I told them he is being a boy nothing more nothing less. These were professionals no less psycologist, teacher, principal all out of touch with a 8 year old.

  4. My son came out to a teacher and said oh for fuck’s sake thats not how you do it. It was all I could do to stop myself from laughing and tell him off. He used it in the right context so I was fairly impressed. However we have had to do certain words are mummy and daddy words and mummy and daddy shouldn’t use them either

  5. Thanks. Where would we be without humour? It’s the seasoning that gives life flavour. And shared recognition of what’s funny cements relationships. Regards Thom.

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