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If you read my blog regularly, then you know that I’ve written before about my love for different types of music. You may also know that I am not in the least bit ashamed to admit (okay, well, a little bit maybe) that I like my daughter’s music. Although, I do try to keep my dancing in the car to only a slightly embarrassing level. I’ve also written about the great use of soundtracks these days, and how they are instilling in my children (in I hope all children), a love of some of the best music ever released…even if it is creating some confusion in my own music loving head.

I feel like I must revisit this subject because I’ve come to the realization that while I can apparently remember the lyrics to pretty much every song ever written, I can’t remember the titles to those same songs! What I CAN remember is which soundtrack each song comes from because, as you know, all the best songs are found on soundtracks these days. I would feel bad about not being able to remember the titles, but in my own defense, neither can my daughter, and since she is younger, my memory should be worse than hers, right?

So, as we head down the road, running errands or simply on a road trip to wherever, and we’re looking for music that suits the mood, we (okay, it’s more often I as in me) play the game of “guess the song I want to listen to.”

For instance, I’ll say, “hey, play that song from that scene in Guardians of the Galaxy where Peter Quill is zooming back to join them as they make their getaway…you know the one. No, no, no! Play the song from the opening, I LOVE that one! The one where Peter Quill gyrates his hips! And uses the poor little lizard thingy as a microphone. That’s a good one!”

Or “put in that audition song from Pitch Perfect, the one I can’t sing right…you know the one.”

Or “how about that song from the commercial with the actress that used to be in Life with Damien Lewis, love his red hair!, but then she was a lawyer in her own show called Fairly Legal, which is a shame it didn’t last that long, it was a decent show, and the song was on the radio like all the time only I can never remember the name of it…” This is the part where my oh-so-patient daughter always sighs and reminds me that it’s Stronger by Kelly Clarkson because she hears that whole spiel from me so often.

 Or, “I know! Play that song that’s in Delivery Man. NOT the one by Imagine Dragons that starts out like the song in Delivery Man and fools us into thinking it’s the right one, but the actual song from Delivery Man.”

It’s like a game of charades, but it’s guess the soundtrack instead. Maybe we could call it sound-rades? Or maybe track-rades…? I think I like song-rades.

15 thoughts on “Guess that Song

  1. LOL I try to listen to my kids music then I remember ….I heard it before because it has been sampled so I play the original song that they hear sampled and then I teach them nothing is new under the sun. My daughter my youngest has more of a old school mentality when it comes to music from having heard a lot of the old school music from me and her mother from back in the day. She was in a car with a family friend they played a song and she knew it and they were surprise to know she knew it, she smiled and said…I grew up listening to my parents music so…I guess it stuck with me lol.

  2. I LOVE that part in Guardians of the Galaxy where he uses the lizard as a mic. It’s my favorite scene in the movie. Love the song and the way he dances. Watch that part over and over and always dance. It’s the best scene ever. LOLOL

  3. I remember songs, rarely watch movies and no longer have TV so no shows to follow or themes to enjoy, but did see Fairly Legal, thought it good and the theme song definitely to be reheard often. So true of life, and helpful to cling to during the hardchallenges

  4. I completely agree — most of the new music I find comes from me hearing it in a movie. I can’t count the number of times I’ve combed through a forum on, trying to find the name of a song that was playing during a particular scene. (The soundtrack listing itself doesn’t help because I rarely know the name of the artist.)

    The worst cases are when you hear a song in a movie, but it’s not available on the movie’s soundtrack. Then I have to search through iTunes to see if it’s available.

    • The thing I find annoying is that they can’t seem to put the songs in order on the soundtrack CDs. By that I mean, the order they appeared in the movie…so if you’re playing song-rades, you can’t even find the song by when it appeared in the movie! And you’re right…I hate when the songs don’t appear on the soundtrack at all, especially because those are usually the ones I want to hear the most!

      • That would definitely be nice if they could put them in order. But you’re right — it’s like they shook them in a Yahtzee cup and dumped them on the album in whatever order they landed in.

        I know the iMDB forums have helped me quite a few times. I always just find one titled “What was the song during such-and-such scene?” and invariably, I’ll find someone asking for the same song I am.

  5. My somewhat similar ritual with my kids was to ask them at the beginning of every rock song (usually on long, cross-country drives, so they were a captive audience), “Who’s this?!” My son played along and got a proper education in 1970’s and 1980’s rock, while my older daughter quickly figured out that yelling “Led Zeppelin!” every single time was funny. Except of course for the one, single time that she yelled “The Beatles” to the opening chords of “Stairway To Heaven.” To this day I don’t know if she really knew who it was and was just trolling me or if the gods were screwing with us both.

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