T.V. Fails

Every time, and I mean every time (because it seems I don’t learn), I’m running through the t.v. guide a bit too quickly and I happen to catch a glimpse of “Keeping up…,” my nerdy, British-t.v. loving brain races with joy for the briefest little moment until, with utter and complete disappointment, I finish reading “…with the Kardashians.”


click photo for link to show bloopers -- sooo worth it

click photo for link to Keeping up Appearances bloopers — sooo worth it

12 thoughts on “T.V. Fails

  1. Actually, the Kardashians are “keeping up appearances” in their own way if you think about it.

    As for British sitcoms, I’ve always been more partial to ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE, FAWLTY TOWERS, and GOOD NEIGHBORS myself.
    Personal preference, mind you.

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