15 thoughts on “Bright Ideas

    • Oh no, not at all! Just annoyed at people who don’t use them. It seems they want to keep their “turning intentions” a mystery. Perhaps they feel that’s giving too much information to the enemy or something…or maybe they just enjoy the element of surprise…I don’t know.

    • Right!? I didn’t realize that somewhere in-between my getting my license (eons ago) and present day that blinkers had become optional but apparently they have. And all too often people are opting out of the use of this magical creation that lets the people behind them know just what the hell they’re doing. I mean seriously. It’s not even the most difficult thing in the car to operate. The radios these days (for instance) are more complex than the turn signal and most people (I bet every one of these non-using turn signal people for sure) can figure out the gazillion buttons and programming on those things going down the road at 70 miles an hour. But flipping a stick on the steering wheel up or down? Nahh…too difficult.

      • Ah yes my friend I feel your pain and rage toward those who think it is cute to turn without using their blinkers or think it is too simple of a task. It is just as bad as a person just cutting you off or cutting in on you and then give you the finger as if you did something to them ugh!

  1. Out here in LA-LA land, the use of turn signals is considered to be “giving aid and comfort to the enemy.” The only people who use them are the ones who hit the lever by accident and will now drive for the next 300 miles, oblivious to that little blinking light that’s telling the world, “I’m stupid! I’m stupid! I’m stupid! I’m stupid! I’m stupid! I’m stupid!”

    Of course, Henry Cho has the ultimate word on this.

    • I’ve done that once or twice unfortunately when I’ve had my music up too loud and can’t hear the click-click/click-click of the blinker. And I always do feel so stupid when I realize it’s on. It hasn’t happened often thank goodness because I try to stay conscious of it, but no-one’s perfect (sadly, not even me).

      • Me too – I’ve done it a couple times already in the new car just because I’m not used to the feedback it’s giving me.

        On the other hand, I’ve loved that bit from Cho for years – long enough so that if my kids ever catch me unawares with the blinker on, they don’t say, “Dad, your turn signal’s still on.” It’s, “WHAT’S THAT CLICKIN’ NOISE?”

  2. This past week I nearly crashed my car twice because each time I went to turn left onto my street, the car behind me laid on their horn and scared me so bad I nearly ran off the road. It turns out my turn signal was out. I had no idea…… lol

      • I felt so stupid. The stupid thing was clicking and flashing like normal from the inside but I felt so bad. I wondered how many people I had been ticking off until I figured it out. lol Whoopsie. 🤗

        • I guess the fuse or bulb was out? But really, how were you supposed to know? I don’t know about you, but I know that I never go back there to look for stuff like that! And even though I guess we should check that sort of stuff out once in awhile, I don’t (and seriously question anyone who says they do).

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