Party Favors

It’s not odd to see a piñata at a kid’s birthday party, right? I know, they’re all the rage. Well how about inviting over all the kids from the neighborhood so they can witness a death?  No? Well, apparently it’s a thing in certain circles.  I read a story about a doting father who put out food to bait a couple of brown bears just so his son could kill something prior to celebrating his 9th birthday with cake and presents. I mean it’s just not a party until the birthday boy kills something. In front of all of his young party-goers no less. Yay! Now it’s a party! Better than a lame old magician any day.  Hell, the birthday boy just made a bear disappear his own self. Happy birthday kid!

Wonder what was in the goody bags?


Ahhh...those were the days

Ahhh…those were the days

11 thoughts on “Party Favors

  1. A pity that Doting Dad didn’t think to show Junior how a REAL man kills a bear, with his bare hands and a pair of nail clippers, just like Leonardo did in that thar movie!! The end result of that particular scenario could have been the best thing to ever happen for that kid. Assuming that his mother isn’t a complete freakin’ idiot, like his father, which would mean that the poor kid got the short end of the stick on both sides of the genetic aisle.

    • Yeah, some hunter. I despise hunting (most especially trophy hunting) to begin with but this father was a real piece of work because he’s what I call a lazy cheater. Puts out bait and waits for the unsuspecting animal to be vulnerable and unaware and then shoots it. He can’t even be bothered with actually, oh, I don’t know…hunting. It’s pathetic. He’s not teaching his child to be a hunter. He’s teaching his child to kill.

  2. Parents what are we doing here Seriously? Hey son for your 9th birthday you’re not to get to whack a pinanta, or see a magician do magic tricks nope instead you are going to get to kill a real live bear in front of your friends…seriously …how sick is that?

  3. I find that some people go for any kind of abnormalities to just stand out or above the other parents in this case. Maybe that’s their family tradition, a really bad one, I must say. There’s already killing and violence everywhere, every TV movie or show has so much of it. We don’t see anybody showing something intellectually worthy or something which makes somebody’s spirit richer and stronger. The message is wrong, I mean it. Mass media, social media send out the wrong message and people with low IQ or no ability to distinct between good and bad just follow different trends in order to go viral some day. That requires doing and supporting awkward and weird things.

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