10 thoughts on “Saturday Musings

  1. As General Ackbar said…

    I’m in a minimal adulting mode this weekend, at an SF convention. But I still have to do that whole, stupid, “get to the airport on time get the rental car find the hotel don’t forget to check out in time and get to the plane back home blah blah blah” thing.

    You have my permission to get a coloring book, ice cream, and alcohol to help you unadult.

    • I’m missing the coloring book, so will have to run out and get one asap! Hope you make the airport in time, both ways! Don’t want you stuck somewhere you’re not supposed to be! And hopefully the convention will be somewhat fun anyway.

  2. Alternate coffee with chocolate every four hours as needed, then treat with inappropriate stand up comedy on You Tube. If still stabby by dark, soft core porn and wine. Let’s see a five-year-old self-medicate like THAT.

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