Here a List, There a List, Everywhere a List List

So my daughter and I have been big on making lists lately. In general, we both thrive on lists, so poring over what should be included in one or another of them in our spare time is par for the course. These remarkable pieces of survey data are usually started over dinner, scribbled on a napkin, as we hunker down with our heads together discussing extremely important, earth-shattering topics such as who would win the epic battle of villains: Loki or Scarlet Witch.  Oh, and if you’re interested, it’s Loki hands down.

We have a list of our favorite fictional characters (you’ll see that one pop up on this blog at a later date), our favorite movies, and the countries we want to move to (in order of preference)…which is becoming more and more relevant given the state of our 2016 Presidential election thus far, but I digress. So, yeah. You get the idea. We like lists.

Recently we were discussing places to go and things to do over pancakes and hashbrowns, so of course, we had to put pen to paper napkin, and come up with our handy-dandy “to do” list to cement things just so. And now, lucky you, I’m sharing…

  1. Get scared senseless by a ghost:
    1. Spend the night in Lizzie Borden’s room (Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, Fall River, MA)
  2. Visit the home and gravesite of one of our favorite authors
    1. Edgar Allan Poe Museum and Memorial Grave (Baltimore, MD)
  3. Absorb some culture and enrich our lives (not to mention eat tons of soft pretzels from the street vendors!):
    1. Smithsonian/National Museum of Natural History (DC)
    2. National Gallery of Art (DC)
    3. US Botanic Garden (DC)
    4. Smithsonian Gardens Butterfly Habitat (DC)
    5. United States National Arboretum (DC)
    6. National Zoo (DC)
  4. Pretend we’re high society but also get some laughs (cause seriously, we are who we are):
    1. Attend a play or musical in Baltimore – subject matter is up for grabs but we’re determined to wear our going to town Sunday clothes, so yeah, something nice.
    2. Snag tickets for stand-up comedy
  5. We’ll tell people we’re going to NYC for the culture of the city but we’re really going for the black and white cookies and Pokemon battles:
    1. American Museum of Natural History
    2. Bronx Zoo
    3. Central Park Zoo
    4. Times Square
    5. Metropolitan Museum of Art
    6. The Cloisters
    7. Brooklyn Botanical Garden
    8. New York Botanical Garden
    9. Fraunces Tavern Museum
    10. Hamilton Grange National Memorial
    11. Pokemon Center (Gotta catch ‘em all!)
  6. Because my daughter apparently wants us to end up in one of those “found footage” movies that are all the rage…as this is exactly how those stories unfold – and it never ends well:
    1. Take an overnight self-guided tour at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (Weston, WV)
      (When you don’t hear from me again, keep an eye out for the movie trailer – don’t leave for popcorn or anything as I’ll likely be the first one gruesomely dissected by the killer doctor-ghost running around the asylum – oh, not because I wear matching silk and lace underwear as so often seen in the horror movies, but rather, because I can’t run very fast, or at all really, and will most probably be used by the others as a momentary distraction…but hey, at least we’ll be in the movies. Everybody wants to be in the movies, right!?)

10 thoughts on “Here a List, There a List, Everywhere a List List

  1. We’ve both been to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in DC before, but are anxious to go again…even after spending the day there (which was quite some time ago), we didn’t see all there was to see. The place is huge. I’ve been to the National Gallery of Art and the National Zoo (though it was years ago) and can’t wait to go with Sarah and see what she thinks of them, and to see them again myself. The others will be new experiences for us both. Now all we need is some warm weather!! 😀

  2. I love Washington, but get there way too rarely. I would love to live closer so that I could visit regularly. I saw a play at the Kennedy Center in 1974 when I was a midshipman (Angela Landsbury in “Mame”) and would love to go back. I got to spend two hours sprinting through Udvar-Hazy out at Dulles, need at least two days. As you say, the Zoo, the National Gallery of Art… The list goes on.

    And I’ve NEVER been to New York City yet – don’t get me started on that “to-do” list!

    Good luck on your quest to get the bejeesuzes scared out of you!

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