16 thoughts on “Beds are so Over-Rated

  1. I agree anywhere and anytime too. Lol we had a cat who would sleep on the shoulder of the couch and hang looking like she would fall off but …nope lol

  2. Hi Musings from a Tangled Mind,
    1. I know KS Beth, Rachel, and I think I saw Allie.
    2. We love dogs. I had three, but now I have two because my dog that was 20 (yes 20) died.
    3. My dog sleeps under the bed. We have one that sleeps on the bed. We don’t know how to get them to both sleep on the bed. I think she’s a puppy and likes the security.
    4. You came by and liked my St. Patrick’s Day blog party.
    Don’t you want to leave a link? Maybe you’ll meet some new readers. Thanks for the visit this evening from one dog lover to another.

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