13 thoughts on “Unexpected Entertainment

  1. Hahaha! I’m actually just worried I won’t be able to get him off my clothes before he gets hurt, poor little guy.

    It’s spring here in Portland, Oregon, so we suddenly have ten times the spider population in our bedrooms that we had all winter. Our state bird is the arachnid. It’s not uncommon to be making the bed in the morning and find one crawling around in the sheets. We walk through new spiderwebs draped across our hallways every single day. They especially like hanging out on the ceiling right above the shower.

    And now that I’ve provided you with five new nightmares, my work here is done.

    • I love spiders when they’re outside. I had a particularly large one that lived across my doorway all last summer and fall. I protected him from delivery men and the occasional Jehovah’s Witness, all of whom seemed to be determined to “do me a favor” by killing him. I felt he was fulfilling a community service by eating the mosquitoes that dared to darken my doorway and was just being a spider, so he should be left alone (and after all, it’s my house, so there he lived for the longest time). But when the spiders try to get intimate, that’s where I draw the line. I still do everything I can not to kill them though. However, my dancing aka thrashing about like a wild person probably sufficed in scaring him senseless, sending him scurrying away, never to return…so no killing required. 😀

  2. Having had a spider on your clothes and then not knowing where it went is a legitimate excuse to be naked and frantically combing your hair in public.

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