The Old Days

Ahhh, those were the days.  Now there’s text messages, emails — hell, even Facebook.  But you know, there was just nothing like a good old-fashioned in your face name-calling. You just knew the person must truly care in order to go through all that trouble just for little ol’ you. Then again, they had no choice.

I mean, seriously…it had to be pretty dang important and worth the trip (I don’t know…is it worth getting dressed and stomping that far across town this time of day and maybe she isn’t even home and then I have to stomp back home after not even seeing her or maybe her mom, oh jeez, her MOM, will answer the door and then I have to explain why I’m even there or by the time I get there I’m going to be hungry and not even in the mood anymore and wouldn’t I rather just stop and get something to eat and go to the movies?)

Not like nowadays where people are throwing out insults willy-nilly online and via text like it’s nothing. They’ll never know the struggle…


walk for miles

5 thoughts on “The Old Days

  1. Then again, today’s youth is getting its unhealthy frustrations out right away with well-worded but poorly spelled text wars.

    We, on the other hand, had to marinate in resentment and imagined revenge for days until we either ate an entire Sara Lee frozen cake or let it go.

    Or found somebody who would slash someone’s bike tires for ten bucks and a Slurpee.

  2. I love this and it takes guts to face someone and say whatever you want to say. Only cowards cop out by typing something. That kind of thing shouldn’t even count.

  3. That’s what school was for! They forced you to all be there, locked you up inside that cattle pen they called a playground for “recess” when the only thing recessive was the genes in the goons that would bully you around and your only hope of any kind of satisfaction at all was to call someone a nasty name that would send Sister Gerta Godzilla flying into the fray with her yardstick being wielded like a lightsaber.

    Wait, was I not using my inside voice?

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