Do it Yourself Fail

My cat is broken. Broken, I tell you. I followed the instructions, I swear I did. But I must’ve screwed up somewhere because it just does not look like the picture on the box.


Holly broken pic


Sarah’s, however, came out picture perfect. I hate her. She’s good at everything. Everything. Even DIY cat models.


Holly nice picture

13 thoughts on “Do it Yourself Fail

  1. Cats are actually a liquid – scoop it back into the bottle, shake it REALLY HARD, then pour it back out and try again. WARNING – contents may be agitated and try to gouge your face off.

  2. Wonderful post. Love the cat and wish I could pet that sweet tummy, even she I was clawed severely for doing so:) I don’t think your cat is broken I think it just disassembled itself for nap time.

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