Cats. Gotta Love ’em.

Cats.  Gotta love ’em.  Or so they say.  But do we?  Do we really?  I suppose we do.  I mean look at the ne’er do well.  What’s not to love?  Ok.  Well, don’t even get me started on that topic. Today as I was going about my chores,  I was thinking of the oft-conflicted relationships we nurture with the fellow creatures who share our personal world, and sometimes our homes, and I wanted to tell you all the grand revelation I discovered about myself. Cleaning cat litter is like going on a demented treasure hunt for a sick, twisted prize you don’t even want to find, let alone keep. And yet. I keep going on this warped, nauseating quest religiously day after day, usually more than once a day. That pretty much sums up my love-hate relationship with my cats. Hmmm. Now that I think about it, the same could be said for my children.


Holly broken

President Who?

I visited my daughter’s school the other day, and spent some time in the science classroom where she is taking AP Physics. AP Physics. Advanced Placement. I’m not bragging. That’s relevant to the story. You’ll see why in a minute.

It’s always interesting to see what inspiring or educational posters or other media have been placed on the walls of classrooms to ignite the interest of students.

I have to admit I was a bit shocked to see a framed official Presidential photograph of Gerald Ford on the wall, half-hidden behind some kind of cardboard cubbyhole arrangement. If it had been in a history classroom, or even a “general” classroom, I would have understood, but in a science classroom?

I asked the teacher about it because you know me…can’t just let something like that go by.  And it turns out that the photo has been there forever, apparently – long before this teacher’s time. It seems no one has ever thought to remove it. Certainly this particular teacher hasn’t.

Occasionally, students are curious about it she said. Some of them actually ask her who it is. And she has to explain that it’s Gerald Ford, who was President from 1974 to 1977. I’ll repeat. She has to explain who it is. In a high school.  In an advanced placement class. See? I told you it was going to be relevant.

Now, admittedly Mr. Ford did not particularly distinguish himself as President (though truth be told, it’s not as if sought the position), but his connection to Richard Nixon should be memorable — it was due to Nixon’s Watergate scandal that Ford became President in the first place AND he later pardoned Nixon, as I’m sure you’ll recall, and Jimmy Carter became President after him. And yet none of her students know who he is!

Seeing things like this just has me wondering several “Why’s?”

I bet that photo has been on that wall for decades. Probably since it was first released. Why has no one ever upgraded it to a more recent President? If it has no significance in a science classroom, why not just remove it instead of putting things in front of it? Or replace it with a more science-y photo. Galileo perhaps (since we’re going with unrecognizable figures in history)? Or maybe Nikola Tesla. Or hey, there are always the standbys of science: Newton and Einstein.

And just why don’t high school students, especially those taking AP Physics, recognize a 20th-century President anyway? I mean, it’s not like it’s a photo of Millard Fillmore or Franklin Pierce or some President they have no reasonable right to know.

There’s an old joke which is apparently a pretty new joke as well. Ask a kid today how many Presidents there have been in our history, and they can name George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and – hopefully! – whoever the current President is. And that’s it. I know, sad joke.

There are a lot of problems with our school system, and that ancient and unrecognized photo of President Ford is just the latest example of it.


President Ford

Sweet Dreams

So. I think our cat daydreams of ways to murder us in our sleep or not in our sleep…just whenever. Oh, she may not “mean” it and possibly, probably, maybe wouldn’t go through with it. I mean, even she’s smart enough to realize that without us, her chances of being able to open the tuna can or getting her daily allotment of treats is going to go way down.

However, I DO think that just for fun, she devises intricate, fool-proof murder plots in her head. You should see the way she looks at us sometimes. All arrogant, better-than-thou, condescension. While all the time, she’s probably saying to herself: “I’ve killed you like five times already.”