Fools Abound

Not to reveal too much, but I hate to clean. HATE it. But I HAVE to do it because I hate mess even worse. I just have to straighten things up. So the more of you who chose to do this, the more epic the prank would be.  I mean, all that tidying up?  Sheesh.



8 thoughts on “Fools Abound

  1. Or someone could sneak in and clean up. If it happened to me, my first assumption would be that I was somehow in the wrong house.

  2. One way to stay away from major cleaning is to always put everything in its place, make everybody in the family follow this rule and put away any garbage straight at the moment when that waste occurs. I do not allow anybody to through things on the floor and I make anybody to pick up anything which they don’t use. I assume cleaning is no issue when you walk around your place in a complete darkness and you can find everything because it is always in its designated place. We had very strict rules in our family, that stays for life. I am with you: cleaning is never done, therefore, I’m eliminating it to the minimum.

    • Yes, indeed, if one is “systemic” in one’s own lifestyle one’s own life is much more organized and it’s a lot easier for one to “know what they’re doing” at all times.

      Keeping things clean and orderly will always be a Sisyphean endeavor as they get messed up by simply being used, and even when left alone will get dusty and acquire mildew and pest infestation and the like.
      Personal hygiene and grooming likewise.

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