The Myth

I hear a lot of magazine articles, romance novels, and chick flicks try to make it seem as though women are these seriously complicated creatures, but I’ll let you in on a secret…we’re not really all that complex. Or at least this woman is not. I mean, honestly, most of the time I’m just pondering what I’m going to eat later.  That and trying to remember just why the hell I came into this room.


having deep thoughts

18 thoughts on “The Myth

  1. The suck happens when you realize you really DO have deep thoughts but everybody else is thinking about nachos so who the hell do you sit down with to discuss things like epigenetics, neurogenesis, and the mind’s impact on the nature of reality? Right, nachos.

  2. What if you’re having deep thoughts about what to eat later? Chateaubriand, pheasant under glass, or allthoughtswork’s nachos? Which is ludicrous because there’s no chocolate anywhere on that menu. But WHY is there no chocolate?

    See, THERE’s some deep thinking.

  3. Well, I don’t have any small kids and assume food just the inevitable hassle because I like to eat great foods, but I find everything so full with chemicals in Canada, that I just try to keep it very simple, very easy and as quick as possible. I am sort of out to fight for humanity, and to be honest, 70% of my time goes by thinking about art and art ideas, new promotions and advertising, and the rest is health of humans and brain health. It’s too bad I don’t have a device to write down my thoughts, that would be blog on its own. I was like that since early childhood, developed theories, proved them or found wrong and I used to read a book every single day between 8 and 17 years when I started University. So, yes, I wouldn’t say it’s complicated, it’s just so that I’m not in TV or rumors on the Internet, it’s much more research, and it’s probably because I’ve been in medical research for more than 30 years.
    I find no harm in taking good care about family and household, and it takes figuring things out, too. It’s just another area of our existence.

  4. I think it is okay not to “go deep.” I mean this was a funny quote and it made me smile! 😀
    I do think of different meal plans for my single self. It makes me feel better that this is solved before I leave work.

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