22 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. I like reaching in my pants pockets and finding forgotten money. it’s like “SCORE!” if it’s a big bill. Of course what I mean by “big bill” is a ten or twenty. nice shot BTW

  2. That would make my brain happy too Wendy :-), not just the nice neat order of things, but $2.199 a gallon!!!!!!!!!! We pay £4.77 a gallon at the moment, and we were paying £6.32 a gallon a few months ago 😦

    • We’ve had our gas price troubles over the past years…not as bad as you I’m sure. But gosh, it seemed like there for a while it would just never go down in price. Now, it’s slowly going back up which I’m disappointed to see.

      • That’s the same for us Wendy, the price had gone down, but it’s creeping back up again. Oddly enough (said sarcastically), when the price of oil went up to $100 a barrel, our petrol price went to £1 per litre, when crude oil went up to $140 a barrel, our petrol went up to £1.40 a litre. BUT when crude went back down to $30 a barrel, our petrol only went back down to £1 a litre. That’s the called the economics logic!!! 😦

  3. YOU HAVE $2 A GALLON GAS??!! Your universe beats the crap out of mine in that respect. Last night I drove the “long way” home just to get to the $2.75 station instead of all of the $2.89 and $2.99 stations on the regular route. WALLOW IN IT, KIDDO!!

  4. I’m not a big fan of low gas prices, because they hurt the already-rich stock traders on Wall Street. I always feel ashamed when I’m able to save money at the pump. It’s like I’m taking the caviar from their children’s mouths.

  5. I like when gas ends on birthdays, “party like it’s 19.99” and when it goes to 20.01, I think of my Dad passing but in a good way. Like it was a sign. I like that you are orderly and even numbers make you happy. 🙂

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