23 thoughts on “Sad Realizations

    • I’m not a big yogurt eater as a general rule, but I like the Whips because of the style of yogurt they are. It reminds me of mousse and the flavors (chocolate included!) are yummy. Unfortunately I read the ingredients of the “whips” I was eating today and found out they have gelatin in them, something I didn’t realize before. I have a thing about gelatin and avoid it whenever possible. So I guess no more “whips” for me. LOL

  1. Ha! I just did this the other day, where I devoured three Activia yogurts in a row. I couldn’t stop at one.

    But for future reference, I discovered it’s inadvisable to eat three Activia yogurts in a row. Not to be crass, but it, ah, accelerates Jamie Lee Curtis’s regularity challenge.

  2. I once had a nutritionist recommend these low-calorie, high-fiber granola bars for lunch instead of burgers and fries and pizza and the usual crap I was eating. I found that if you ate about a dozen of them at once they weren’t bad, and by the time you got to about eighteen you could get a buzz that would have you vibrating right into another dimension!

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