Sweet Dreams

So. I think our cat daydreams of ways to murder us in our sleep or not in our sleep…just whenever. Oh, she may not “mean” it and possibly, probably, maybe wouldn’t go through with it. I mean, even she’s smart enough to realize that without us, her chances of being able to open the tuna can or getting her daily allotment of treats is going to go way down.

However, I DO think that just for fun, she devises intricate, fool-proof murder plots in her head. You should see the way she looks at us sometimes. All arrogant, better-than-thou, condescension. While all the time, she’s probably saying to herself: “I’ve killed you like five times already.”






5 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams

  1. I believe we live in a reality made up of infinite universes where we only perceive the particular thread which is our particular path through the multiverse.

    Why is this relevant?

    There are infinite universes where the cats DO kill us. We think they don’t because by definition (we’re alive) we only see the one where they haven’t. Yet.

    The cats smile because they perceive multiple universes simultaneously. They’re watching us die, while still getting tuna & treats!

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