Cats. Gotta Love ’em.

Cats.  Gotta love ’em.  Or so they say.  But do we?  Do we really?  I suppose we do.  I mean look at the ne’er do well.  What’s not to love?  Ok.  Well, don’t even get me started on that topic. Today as I was going about my chores,  I was thinking of the oft-conflicted relationships we nurture with the fellow creatures who share our personal world, and sometimes our homes, and I wanted to tell you all the grand revelation I discovered about myself. Cleaning cat litter is like going on a demented treasure hunt for a sick, twisted prize you don’t even want to find, let alone keep. And yet. I keep going on this warped, nauseating quest religiously day after day, usually more than once a day. That pretty much sums up my love-hate relationship with my cats. Hmmm. Now that I think about it, the same could be said for my children.


Holly broken

16 thoughts on “Cats. Gotta Love ’em.

    • Ha! You’d be surprised! Especially when they were small. But hey, a teenage boy (and girl for that matter) can be pretty good at hiding leftover food in his room as well, so there’s that. But I was thinking more of simply doing things I do not want to do every day because of love.

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