Because Allergies are Contagious

I’m sorry I fell off the face of the Earth the past couple of days.  My computer died (may it rest in peace) and then I got sick, thanks so much to my daughter for that one.  I did take my daughter to the doctor to test for strep as she’s prone to that and it’s most likely what she had given the severity of her symptoms…at least so says her mother of 16 almost 17 years, said mom knowing what the girl looks like when she has strep among other illnesses she has had umpteen times in her life.

But the doctor knew better, as you’d think they would, and decided it had to be allergies. Really, really bad allergies. The rapid strep test came back negative as it does every single time Sarah has ever been tested in her life. But was it cultured to find out for sure? Why no, no it wasn’t. Why not? I’m glad you asked. It’s because she has allergies. Just ask the doctor.

Of course Sarah has never had allergies in her life, but sinus infections with accompanying strep throat…now that she’s had more times than I can count. But of course it’s not strep or a sinus infection. It’s allergies. You see the pollen has been so bad here of late that everyone, even people without known allergies, are being affected by it. The doctor said so.

So it’s been a few days now since my daughter first showed symptoms. And here I sit. Sick as a dog. Feeling like I have a thousand knives lining my throat among other, don’t want to talk about it symptoms.

My daughter’s nonexistent before now allergies must be contagious.

19 thoughts on “Because Allergies are Contagious

  1. Ugh! It seems to never fail with me, I usually get a sinus infection once a year. So I understand your pain & frustrations. I hope you start feeling better soon!

  2. If all the moms whom doctors don’t listen to, to the detriment of both the moms and their sick kids, only had a say in what is taught in medical school, doctors would be so much more effective and many fewer of us would miss work or blogging because of being sick.
    Wishing you a rapid recovery, your daughter also.

    • Thank you! And I agree. Moms see the kids sick and understand what’s happening to them (a good bit of the time) especially when it comes to things like illnesses they get often or the fact that the rapid strep test is ALWAYS negative and it has to be cultured. Doctors should take the time to listen.

  3. So sorry to hear that this is happening to you! I hope both you and your daughter can rejoin the land of the living without undue time and/or misery. In the meantime, any chance that you can go see that same doctor and cough a few times into his face? It shouldn’t bother him since it’s just allergies.

    Feel better soon!

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