Simple Apologies Are Best

I’ve been told that simple yet heartfelt apologies are best. They should come from the heart without all the accompanying fanfare that might make them seem insincere, even though in all likelihood they’re well-meant.  So here I am…prepared to give a long overdue, much-needed apology to someone who deserves it most.

Mom, I’m sorry I tried to drive you insane while I was growing up.

You deserved better. But instead, you got us. So you hunkered down and did the best you could with what you had and hopefully you’re proud of your handiwork.  Love you — and Happy Mother’s Day!

4 thoughts on “Simple Apologies Are Best

  1. This was so funny yet I can relate after having three children and raising them by myself. They drove me crazy! I do love them and they seem to give me a lot of love back now, their children are taught to respect me, which reflects their love to me. Lovely, so special for this day. I love honesty for Mother’s Day and wishing you a beautiful week ahead, too. Hugs, Robin

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