5 thoughts on “Personal Issues

  1. ugh! that happens with my snow boots but it’s Spring now and I don’t hafta worry about that for a while now do I??? but that’s a really funky feeling to have that sock all bunched up in the front of your foot and it’s cold out and the wind is blowing around and then interest rates go up and the coffee isn’t ready when I get to work and then I gotta be all friendly and straight forward when I get to work and hope I packed an extra pair of socks in my bag and then I gotta take my boots off and then take the slipping sock off and somehow try to manage not to get my foot to step into some of that slush that I drug in so I end up hopping around on one foot and then people start to come in and wonder just what the hell I’m doing hopping around on one foot or maybe that would be one shoe …

    where were we??

  2. I get it. I consider it a complete loss on any day where I find myself checking more than three times to make sure I didn’t accidentally put my underwear on backwards.

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