Missing Manners

I’m not sure what’s wrong with people these days. No-one has manners anymore. At least it seems that way sometimes.

A prime example just reared its ugly head this past weekend.  I walk out of my house to the smells of something incredibly yummy wafting on the breeze – and it’s obvious someone nearby is cooking out.  Do they not know the well-worn adage we all learned as small children:  No food allowed unless you have enough to share with everyone?

If you’re going to torture the neighborhood with delectable aromas, the least you can do is make enough for everyone. I mean, really.  Didn’t their mothers teach them anything?

7 thoughts on “Missing Manners

  1. I woulda said “C’mon down. This is an Irish home. There’s always room around the table for one more and we can always throw another potato on the boil.”

  2. Since the guidance of Miss Manners no longer holds sway, what’s to prevent you from showing up with a plate and saying, “I’ll take that one, right there. Could you please put another piece of cheese on it for me? And do you have any of the spicy mustard instead of the yellow kind?”

    As long as you have that “please” in there I think you’re covered!

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