Guilt…Just What I Need

This is the look I get when I finally get tired of having a six-pound weight sitting on me (24/7 if she had her way) and… *gasp*… ask her to lay at the end of the bed.  Not off the bed mind you.  Or even in her own bed, which is quite soft and fluffy (I’d use it if I could fit my over-sized self into it). Goodness knows what would happen if I did either of those things. I’d probably be banished to a more special section of Hell. The laying on of the guilt is thick enough as it is just from this one small transgression on my part.

Petra at end of bed

sorry for such a bad photo, it was dark…but seriously, those eyes of hers could just melt any heart of ice to a sad little puddle

9 thoughts on “Guilt…Just What I Need

  1. Does it do any good to make those eyes back at her?

    Alternatively, while I would NEVER suggest putting a paper bag over her head so that you couldn’t see that look, that doesn’t mean you can’t put the bag over your own head to get the same result.

    Just sayin’.

    • You know, after a while, it does get a little old. LOL Especially when I’m trying to work and she wants in my lap constantly. I try never to make her feel unwanted, but I do have to get things done sometimes!

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