Hard Day’s Night

So.  Apparently they had a really tough and tiring day of doing…nothing.  Absolutely nothing. Unless you count naps. In which case, they worked their asses off.  The hard life of a cat.  I feel for them.  Truly.





4 thoughts on “Hard Day’s Night

  1. well doggone woman. they have o save their strength for when you feed them. and oh yeh, let’s not forget the countertop and tabletop parties that go on after lights out and when you go to bed. they’re like little kitty disco events.

  2. I think they are simply trying to show you how life SHOULD be lived, if only you didn’t have so many chores that involved buying cat food, feeding them, giving them water, petting them, making their beds, cleaning their litter boxes, you know, servant things.

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