There are Rules, People

So, by now anyone and everyone, including my neighbors…since they’re well within earshot, should know that the “ne’er-do-well” is not supposed to touch my stuff. I mean, really. How hard is that to understand? I don’t think I’m being unreasonable. She has her toys. She has the rest of the house. She has all manner of things to keep her occupied. Why, I ask?  WHY, why, why must she insist on touching my things with her nasty, ne’er-do-well, adorable, precious little paws?  And she doesn’t even try to hide it. She does it right in front of me. Or at least, she maintains her breaking the rules position when I come back in the room after having left for only a few minutes. It’s a conspiracy…I just know it is.

I gave her a stern talking to, I’ll have you know. Don’t you see the obvious fear in her eyes as she gazes up at me when I’m telling her off? The utter terror at being caught in a “you know that’s not allowed” predicament? No? Yeah, well, I don’t either. That’s because pure evil isn’t afraid of anything. Anything, I tell you.





23 thoughts on “There are Rules, People

  1. She loves you and wants your attention. You love your computer and give your attention to that. She stages an intervention, you blog about it. Next stage: Urination.

  2. In that stare I see the smug knowledge that she’s not REALLY touching that computer. Her paw is a fraction of a millimeter above it and she’s thinking, “I’m not touching you!” It makes about as much sense to a cat as it did to a carload of five-year-olds trying to drive their parents (i.e., ME) nuts.

    Besides, possession is 9/10 of the law.

    • This cat is a trip. I leave the room and she’s in my spot, whether it’s the bed, the couch, the dining room chair, wherever. I left the room one time and she was not only in my spot, but had her leg and foot reaching over and splayed out on my end table. It’s like she’s saying…this is mine. And this. And this is mine too.She probably wonders why I keep touching HER stuff. LOL

    • You’re right about that. They do what they want, when they want. And look lovely doing it most of the time. 😀 As for the accents, I’m not sure about that. I always figured ALL cats have a haughty, snobby accent as befitting their station in life. LOL

  3. So I read this post on my smartphone. I was thinking who is this horrible neighbor. I need more details …. and then I scrolled down and saw the cat. THE CAT.

    My theory is she’s keeping the lid closed on your laptop because she doesn’t want you blogging or emailing — or worse, looking at photos of other cats — she wants your full undivided attention. NOW! When kitties want attention they mean business.

    Don’t you love your black kitty? I know I love mine. ❤

    • I see that she has you fooled, just like all of the others. She’s a ne’er-do-well for a reason. She’s telling me off is what she’s doing. “Rules? Your rules are stupid and I’ll touch whatever I want, whenever I want, you stupid human! Now bring me tuna!” But she’s so cute, everyone thinks she’s adorable and that I’m nuts. She has it all figured out. LOL Ah well, that’s okay. She IS kinda cute I guess. In a ne’er-do-well kind of way. 😀

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