19 thoughts on “Weight Loss Goals

  1. I feel like an alien because thin people have always freaked me the hell out. Men, women, kids–they all look insect-like and anemic to me. And hugging one? Fuggedaboutit. I mean I have friends like that but if they only knew how disappointed my body is embracing them.

    Seriously, bring on the flesh. You know, the stuff that’s supposed to go between your muscles and your epidermis, the stuff that makes jeans great and sex greater, the component that clearly shows who will win and who will lose after the Big One hits and we all have to forgo a meal or twenty while FEMA gets those water bottles and peanut butter packets together, THAT stuff.

    I eat bacon, baby. I enjoy it.

    • A little flesh on the bones used to be thought of as sexy for women (consider Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Sophia Loren, et al). It’s only in recent years that the ultra-skinny look has become fashionable and “sexy.” While women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes, the fashion models these days, to me, look, as you say, anemic, or ill. They’re encouraged (or forced) to remain too skinny I think.

  2. I recently read a fitness article about ways to get thin … which made me think of “Thin Mints,” and weren’t there some in the freezer I was saving for a special occasion?

    So yeah, I try not to read fitness articles anymore.

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