5 thoughts on “Morning View

  1. Ahem! While you know, of course, that you are revered across the land as a vision of loveliness, is it possible that as you arose (possibly prematurely) from your slumber that there might be an extreme case of “bed head” going on?

    • While I have no doubt you’re right, I woke up to this look…I barely was able to get a snap of it before she shook herself and was “normal” again. As normal as she ever is. Now, it’s very possible that in my sleep I was mumbling some very anti-cat rhetoric or divulging some deep dark familial secret. Or perhaps her imaginary (at least we’re still hoping it’s imaginary) demon friend was talking to her just over my still resting head and whatever it came up with was enough to shock even HER which is saying something. I guess I’ll never know.

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