What did she say!?

The weather here the past few days has been really nice – breezy and downright cool.  So I’ve had all of the windows open in my house to enjoy 1) a lower electric bill, 2) airing out the house with the pleasant aroma of summer, and 3) the sounds of birds (even though the lovely birdsong is accompanied occasionally by the yodeling dogs next door…which by the way, I can’t even walk past my bedroom window because they see me and start barking – it’s really annoying.  But I digress.)

It has recently occurred to me that with the windows open, my hapless neighbors are summarily thrust into the freak show that is our everyday life and all I can think as I walk through various parts of the house, randomly yelling “stop licking my legs!” is that I hope they imagine me simply demented.  I mean, it could be worse.

leg-licker extraordinaire

leg-licker extraordinaire

11 thoughts on “What did she say!?

  1. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Too funny. I had neighbors who had a dog that NEVER stopped barking. It was outside and stood under my kitchen window and barked day and night. I finally called the police and the woman who answered said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t hear you. You’ll have to put your dog away.” I said, that’s why I’m calling. I DON’T HAVE A DOG.” She said, “Someone will be there right away.” When the police went to their house they said they didn’t have a dog. The cop asked who was barking then. They moved. That’s the only time I ever had a problem but it was a nightmare and they would not bring the dog inside.

  2. The cop came to my house after he spoke to them about the dog and he told me to NEVER go to their house. He said if I had any problems to call the police because they were totally crazy and dangerous.

    • She’s a doll! But seriously, you can’t walk thru the house without her intertwining herself in your legs and either licking or jumping after you. I guess she just wants us to be aware that she’s there so she’s not left out of whatever party she thinks we’re headed to. LOL

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