Off-Key Indulgence

You know for someone who can’t sing — and in fact has no vocal talent whatsoever — I sing entirely too much.  I feel for my neighbors. And my daughter. And my dogs (the cats couldn’t care less it would seem). And those in the car with me. And anyone who is around when I’m taking a shower. Or sweeping. Or … well, you get the picture. I did say “entirely too much.”


woman with ears

12 thoughts on “Off-Key Indulgence

  1. I would love to be able to sing. Unfortunately the only part of me that is nearly pitch perfect is my ears. I’m so far off pitch that it’s painful to listen to. And I’m referring to me. I hate to think how it sounds to others.

    My wife can keep a tune as well as I can but she’s tone deaf. Unfortunately she loves singing …

  2. I always sing in the car (with the windows UP), along with whatever music I’m listening to…I sing during the day and it’s a fun and healthy thing to do…at least for the singers. LOLOL Keep singing and having fun…let the others run for cover.

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