So You Got a Dog

Okay, so you guys have had a free pass from my rants for far too long. Brace yourselves. What brings this one on, you ask?  Well, long story short – dogs.

I saw an ad for a dog someone is trying to rehome for $100. The dog has been with the family for a little over a year. Supposedly he came to them neglected and abused and they had wanted to provide him a forever home. But, BUT, now he’s just too much. Too active for their busy schedules. You know how things go. Oh, he’s a great dog.  Doesn’t mess in the house, doesn’t need to be crated any more, excellent with kids, presumably up to date on his shots, etc. Great dog. Simply a great dog. It’s just he no longer fits into the scheme of things for their family. You know how things go. Shit happens.

So after writing this wonderful ad for him online and posting it on several different boards along with the requisite adorable (and he is adorable) photos and receiving numerous comments of “Oh he’s wonderful…” and “I’d like to have him, but…” and “Check out this rescue if you can’t find a home…” and “I’d like to visit him…” and “I would love to have him…” and the like, the owner responds somewhere in-between: “He’s such a sweetheart. I don’t know. Going back and forth on whether or not to just keep him. I can always just get rid of him later if it still doesn’t work out.” With a cute little smiley face emoticon and everything. Seriously, what the hell?

Either you want the dog or not. I mean for God’s sake. Is he a family member or not? Is he too much? Or is he great? Does he fit into your schedule or can you make time?  Yes, yes, it’s a big decision, I know, I know. But for fuck’s sake, MAKE IT. Make the decision instead of leaving this dog’s life in limbo, because sure as anything if you decide he’s great now you’ll keep him, and next week he’ll suddenly be “too much” again, and here we go, back up on the online local town boards.

And this, folks, these people who can’t figure out that an animal is a sentient being, a pet that should be a family member, this is what drove me to advocacy. Sure, the dog’s not being abused, but how much do you want to bet she does a home check on the next new family?  I wouldn’t take that bet.  So who knows where he’ll end up?

Things change and life happens and sometimes you have to rehome a pet. I try not to judge. But what I AM judging is the flippant attitude of “do I want him or don’t I?”  I mean, she might as well flip a coin at the rate she’s going. At least then the dog would have a chance.

21 thoughts on “So You Got a Dog

  1. I agree – the “yo-yo ing” is not good in most situations, but all the more in this case !
    and I also was curious about the 100 dollars – I know some expensive breeds are costly – but in my opnon a rehome should be free! woof

    • Actually, the rehome fee was the one thing I didn’t have a problem with — it ensures the people taking the dog are serious, can afford it, and it keeps people who might do the dog harm at bay (usually). Rehoming fees are a way to safeguard a pet from people who pick up free ones for either nefarious purposes or because it’s a spur of the moment decision that they’ll regret later. Waiving the fee once you meet the people, do a home check, etc., is always an option. But it’s good to at least advertise with a fee.

      It was the wishy-washy attitude of not knowing if the dog was truly wanted for their family that irked me so much.

  2. Miss Lily says we can’t afford a dog. Big Boy says he’s not sharing his food or his favorite comfy spot for sunning.

  3. I see it as an unwritten contract, you adopt an animal you look after it for it’s life (if you can; owner deceased, illness, money problems, if it’s for the best interest in the pet. I see so many homeless people care so much for their dogs. I don’t like the ones though who play on their dog…use it for money as in no blanket or something to keep it warm in winter as they ask for money. That really annoys me when you see other ‘begging’ but the dog is wrapped up warmer than the owner. But I’m judging here). My two cats are now on medicine twice a day, so unless I pay someone to give their medicine, no holidays for me! I hope he finds a great home. I follow in IG @caseyiramissy who reposts urgent fosters or get out of kill shelters posts. I wish I could help more, but she’s in the US and I’m in Europe. Perhaps your organisation could help the ones she helps!

  4. ugh this makes me crazy too! A dog is a part of the family and should not be treated as something to discard as if property. I did everything I could to keep my dog, through good times and bad times, and he died a happy boy because he knew he was cherished and loved.

  5. Not being a lover of dogs, I wouldn’t have taken it in, in the first place. I have to say that it beats me how a dog can be a member of the family. Almost every week in the UK there is a news story about a dog killing a child!

  6. This is a very good rant. Make a commitment and stick with it. Either the dog is a possession or a family member. My own late Mother was adopted and how would she have felt if say, after ten years, they decided to re-home her? WTF! These sentient beings are gifts to us from Our Universal Creator. Everything has a personality or in this case, an animality. Plus everything has feelings. My plants are sensitive and have feelings for goodness sake. I wonder how this little dog feels about his wishy-washy humans. When you accept responsibility for the care and welfare of another then, yeah … step up to the plate, put aside your needs and after they are fed, walked, played with and hugged, then take care of yourself. Don’t betray and don’t be selfish!

    • Of course, I agree with you wholeheartedly! And while this is off-topic, it has to do with your comment…did you know that there are certain groups of people who DO in fact help parents re-home their adopted kids?? Personally, I think it’s atrocious, but it seems to be commonplace. I did notice that the children being re-homed are primarily from other countries. However, some that I saw “advertised” and I do mean advertised, because it sounded just like an ad someone would post for re-homing a dog, had been with their family for 2 or 3 years or more and they’re “terrific” but the family had a child of their own or else there is some other reason they’re not stating as to why they want to get rid of the child (because the children are described as being wonderful). Our society today never ceases to amaze me with the depths we can sink to.

  7. Couldn’t agree more with you. My dog is my best friend, and I admit, my baby. There would have to be a life threatening reason for me to need to re-home her, and even then I doubt I would be able to go through with it.

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