Future Plans

So.  I was having a conversation with my daughter as we drove around doing errands, mainly about her dislike for unruly children and especially the bad parents that seem to run rampant not just in our town, but in the world. Don’t ask me why we were having this conversation…I can’t remember why it came up but I’m sure it had to do with some far-flung memory or observation of an ill-behaved child in action. But at any rate, we were talking about the world in general as it pertains to unruly children and the parents who allow them to continue their disruptive and troublesome behavior and that all told, life would be better if there were changes made in some respects. Yes, these are the sorts of in-depth, mind-boggling discussions that tend to take place on our road trips.

At any rate, my lovely, intelligent, and oh-so-tolerant daughter said: “I have some ideas, but that’s how dystopias start.”

I didn’t ask her any questions about her ideas on how to mold the future. Quite frankly, I just didn’t have the nerve.

Be afraid people. Be very afraid.

don't be fooled people. she's not all innocence and feather boas.

don’t be fooled people. she’s not all innocence and feather boas.

9 thoughts on “Future Plans

    • Very true and I usually have patience for children…it’s the ones that throw temper tantrums in the middle of the grocery store aisle/walkway with no parent moving them out of the way that I can’t stand. So in reality, I guess it’s the parents we have issues with. LOL

  1. Some of them definitely make the world unpleasant because their parents allow them to SCREAM AND SCREAM AND SCREAM AND SCREAM AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS in public places. Some fall and roll around on the floor, hit their mother’s and bend backwards, while SCREAMING. I could go on but you’ve probably all seen them do the insane things they are allowed to do. The list is almost never ending. I’ve actually gone up to women and told them how wonderful their children were because they were well behaved.

    • It’s actually bad parenting that needs to be controlled…the children don’t know any better (till they hit a certain age). I’ve seen them (kids, not parents) in the floor of grocery stores (I wrote about that incident) with the parent not doing a thing as people try to walk by the tiny, screaming obstruction.

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