Trust Issues, Or Random Ramblings

So as you may remember, I live in a small town.  There are two roads you can navigate to get through our town, both are one-way – one going into town and one going out of town.  What does it say about my neighbors that I look both ways before crossing either of those one-way roads? What does it say about me? And I know I’m not the only one!  You guys do it too! But what exactly does that imply about our collective trust in our fellow humans that we feel the need to look both ways before crossing a one-way street? That those sharing the world and the road are inherently untrustworthy?  That they’re incapable of following simple directions?  Or have we become so jaded that we can’t even take the most basic things for granted?

The thing is, you know damn well the one time you don’t look both ways, some lone car, having missed the signs and the general traffic flow, will come meandering down the wrong-way and flatten you…well…flatter than a pancake. And now. Now, I want pancakes. Damn.  Oh, back to the issue at hand…so yeah, it’s a sad world we live in people. Sad, sad world.

16 thoughts on “Trust Issues, Or Random Ramblings

  1. As Ronald Reagan said, “Trust. But verify.” I see people going the wrong way down one way streets, up the down aisles in the parking lot, and in the “exit only” way too often to ever trust my fellow man with my life.

    Even as a pilot you’re taught the same thing. The tower may have given you permission to land or take off, which has the built in assumption that the runway is clear and you’re not going to hit anything – but YOU as “pilot in command” have the responsibility to look, verify that it’s true, and be prepared to take evasive action if necessary. (I’ve had to use that training. In fact, had to do it on my private pilot checkride.)

  2. I always look both ways before crossing the road still >.< In my defence though, where I work we have a one way street in a busy city. People are constantly going down there the wrong way, especially with all the roads works that are constantly happening there!

  3. I always look both ways. you never know when a Soccer Mom in a Soccer Van will come screaming by. yeh, they’re kinda sorta scary.

    PANCAKES!!! with blueberries in them!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    • It is definitely a good idea to look both ways. And at the same time we’re all jaded that we can’t trust anyone to follow simple visual clues. LOL But even more sad, NO PANCAKES! I think I might have to make some for dinner tonight. And blueberries are a definite fave! Blueberries and chocolate chips. Although as was suggested above, I may try strawberries too…hmmm…strawberries AND chocolate chips…now THAT might be a complete winner!

  4. I’m glad you brought up the “‘trust factor’ syndrome” issue.

    One problem is: If you react to these transgressions in any way—even casually pointing out the errors of that other person’s ways—some tend to get really militant about it, or, at the very least, quite petulant with plenty of attitude.

    One would think, for example, that one of the requirements for obtaining a driver’s license would be some semblance of literacy—namely knowing how to read simple words, such as: One Way; or Yield; or Exit Only/Entrance Only. Like those for example.
    But, considering how many are allowed to drive like maniacs and ignore the speed limits on our streets and roads—as well as engage in what’s known as “distracted driving”—I’m not surprised at the antics of so many motorists.

    Also: Why is it o.k. to engage in loud conversations in public libraries? And why do most people lack “speaking voices” and have to yell everything they say so much?
    And how come all these expensive elaborate iPhones don’t have VoiceMail? Why do people “have to” answer their phone EACH AND EVERY TIME they ring?

  5. I like the agreement found here that we have to look both ways, since there are so many distractions in this world.
    I made pancakes this weekend, my 3 younger grandies stood on footstool taking turns learning how to wait for bubbles, turn up the edges and flip them. They are satisfied with butter and little cups of syrup to dip them in. Yup, I let them roll cinnamon pancakes with their fingers and dip into syrup and eat one bite, then dip again. Little souffle cups for each child work well for this. 🙂

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