Life-Changing Decisions

So, yeah. I’ve been thinking long and hard about life as we know it and the impending future, and I’ve come to some pretty serious transformative conclusions. If anyone wants to join me on this new path in life, I’ll be on the monkey bars.  Olly, olly, oxen free!



8 thoughts on “Life-Changing Decisions

  1. I’m a big fan of the coin toss for resolving life’s quandaries. I insist that all my children’s arguments are resolved with ‘heads or tails’ – seems fair to me. Being a grown up is rubbish.

  2. We’ve always called out, “All ye, all ye, you all come free”. Meaning the game was up and no need to hide anymore. Saying this with a Tennessee and later with a NYC accent, it always translated into a spattering of playtime slang. No wonder kids said it differently. Ha ha ha. It usually ended up sounding like (Ollie Ollie Y’aw cum free)

    I want to use this photo, too. I refuse to grow up yet I must stay involved in the world to fight for our freedoms. All of the supposed adults seem to be freaking out.

    • I’ve heard so many origin stories of that phrase. Some say it’s a derivative of “all ye, all ye, outs in free” meaning everyone who’s out should come in (ending the game) and I’ve also heard it’s a phonetic spelling of the Greek phrase that means “everybody, everybody out” and then with free added onto it. Growing up, it’s what we always said.

      And glad to see there’s another friend who wants to ditch this grown-up gig. It’s definitely not all it’s cracked up to be. Although I can buy alcohol and eat cake for breakfast. So those are good trade-offs I guess. 😀

  3. You may be on to something here! While I can think of a handful of things that are pretty cool about being an adult (some of which you have mentioned), it seems that we get them only sporadically at best. How often do we REALLY eat cake for breakfast? Yet kids get to play and have recess every freakin’ day, and sometimes several times a day. We “grown-ups” are obviously doing it wrong!

  4. Adulthood:
    Where you trade your parents in for other “guardians” and “overseers”: the government, the police, the officials, the business communities, the bosses, the landlords …

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