What’s For Dinner?

I’m an admitted foodie and I love…well…food. Nothing beats a good Irish pub, but I enjoy branching out and trying new things, to a point. Not that I like Burger King on a good day, for a variety of reasons, but their recent mishmash of food items has just reached a whole new level of ridiculousness.  First it was mac and Cheetos. An insult to mac and cheese if you ask me. Though others I know have raved about it. Now this. Cheetos chicken fries. Uh…no thanks. I’ll pass. Is this what we’ve come to, folks? This is what we’re offered as “food.” Really? I mean, I know it’s fast food and all and they’re likely trying to get that eccentric crowd who enjoys the strange mash-ups often served at carnivals, but seriously, this is just going too far.



5 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner?

  1. Bleaaaaaghhh! There’s no doubt that nutritionally speaking, you’re much better off eating that cardboard container than the contents. I think that in terms of taste, the same probably applies. Even if you dipped that in a triple layer of chocolate, all you would do is ruin perfectly good chocolate!

  2. you had to mention mac & cheese. now I wanna fix some homemade mac & cheese. maybe the market has some lobster on sale that I could add to it.

    sheesh! I’ll never lose any weight if this keeps up

  3. It’s false advertising: chicken FRIES? If they were fries, they’d have potato in there. I guarantee those things wouldn’t recognize a potato if you mashed them into one. No, they’re chicken sticks. And what passes for chicken once you’ve bit into one will be a vast and overreaching disappointment to your stomach and immune system.

    If bad health is a goal, stick to vodka.

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