Finding Your Bliss

Everyone from New Age leaders to yoga teachers to enlightened guidance counselors will encourage you to seek out your bliss. To find your purpose. To embrace your passion in this uncertain world of ours. To be successful in this sometimes lifelong pursuit is to reach a new level of pure happiness and peace and even a sense of freedom…of mind, of heart, and of soul. One never knows where this ultimate revelation may occur or what might happen to infuse your spirit with this deep feeling of enlightenment. Well. My personal search for bliss ended at the Acme Market not very far up the road from my home. Who knew such sought after joy could be found so close to home? And only $3.99 a jar. My search is over. I have found Heaven.


9 thoughts on “Finding Your Bliss

  1. Oh, Enlightened One! May we be allowed to worship at your feet?

    We’ll bring gifts! What kind of wine should we bring to go along with Chocolate Cheesecake Hazelnut Gif?

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