16 thoughts on “Saturday Plans

  1. Good thing that isn’t a Starbucks logo there’d be some mayhem comin’ at you from Portland, Oregon. That’s like the Nazi swastika around us professional coffee drinkers.

    • I’ve never had Death Wish coffee, but I’m told it’s some of the strongest stuff around. Fair-trade, organic, high-caffeine blends. I need to try it.

      I will admit that I did like Starbucks at one time, but no more.

    • You know, not as bad as you might think…this town rolls up its streets at dusk which sort of inhibits a good bout of mayhem and madness. But the neighbors did get to listen to an eclectic batch of music earlier. I’m sure they never thought they would hear Tim McGraw and Kesha/Pitbull in the same round of songs.

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