Demons Be Gone

This coming weekend a very lovely church in my town is holding an “animal blessing” event with a subsequent feast. The flyer encouraged people to bring their pets for the sermon with the purpose of having them “blessed” afterwards.  For quite some time, my daughter and I were trying to figure out if the planned feast was meant for the animals, for the people, or if the pets were going to be served up as the feast. I know, I know, “oooo, what a terrible thing to think! It’s a church for goodness sake!”

Yeah, well, the flyer wasn’t clear. Maybe that’s not my fault, maybe it falls to whoever wrote the flyer…maybe, just maybe they should think about that next time and word it better. You know, to put an end to all this doubt.

At any rate, that’s not what I wanted to discuss.  What I wanted to mention is that along with a very thoughtful conversation about the “feast,” we also pondered the idea of having the ne’er-do-well blessed. Goodness knows, she could use it. And then we thought, do we really want to be the cause of the possible headlines the next day?

Church damaged as evil entity, forced through doorway of historic church, bursts into flames.

Antique font of holy water spontaneously turns into hot tub of boiling water – cat being blessed at the time remained unscathed.

Disaster in small town as tiny, demented hellion let loose on unsuspecting church-goers. Extent of damage unknown. Those present said it was highly reminiscent of the infamous Mississippi Squirrel Revival fiasco.

So yeah. Maybe we’ll skip this event. Movie it is then!






12 thoughts on “Demons Be Gone

  1. Have you considered watching something she would like, just to keep on her good side? “The Exorcist”? “Satan Never Sleeps”? “Satan’s Little Helper”? “The Blood On Satan’s Claw”?

  2. Ha ha! Black cat adoption month’s in full swing! Fingers crossed it helps more black dogs and cats get adopted!

    On a completely different note or type of blessing in water, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London now hold obstacle races that you can do with or without your dog!

    • I love to watch the obstacle courses with dogs. There is a fair here every year that includes different agility and obstacle courses, including frisbee stunts, with dogs. All can enter, but it’s usually a border collie that does the best. It’s all just for fun and to raise money for the shelter. Amazing what dogs can do.

      And I’m with you regarding black dog and cat adoptions. They get a bad rap and that’s a shame. Wish more people would consider adopting them (or adopting in general to be honest).

  3. “oooo, what a terrible thing to think! It’s a church for goodness sake!”

    Considering how some churches run, I’d call it a sane and valid concern. I’m looking at you, Westboro.

    I love the evilness of your cat. Gorgeous demon felines remind us that no matter how much we work on our look, no matter how much we try to strut around and seem imposing, ain’t no model as “fierce” as a cat who doesn’t want to comply. Ladies, watch and learn. Cats never feel guilty for saying No.


  4. no animals were served at the meal afterwards? it weren’t a Catholic church that you went to.

    ah hell. I’m sure some nun with a ruler is looking for me now after I wrote that. my knuckles are twitching.

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