Fresh Faces

So, I went through the McDonald’s drive-thru for my daily dose of caffeine this morning. The same McDonald’s I always go to. Actually, the only McDonald’s in my small little town. I dislike this McDonald’s; I’ll get that out upfront. They cheat on the sodas by not filling up the cup (every single time), the orders are correct only half the time, and the people, well…the people leave a lot to be desired. Let’s just leave it at that. But hey, I don’t envy them their jobs whatsoever and I do feel for them having to work in the fast food field, so I never complain. But I’m not sure it’s the business in general that has them displaying not so polite tendencies or if it’s just this McDonald’s in particular…which does seem to have more than its fair share of burned-out employees. Either way, I try to be patient, which you all know is not my strong suit. That’s not to say that I don’t mutter to myself, in less than subtle terms, over their attitudes once I’ve left though. I am human after all.

However, this morning I was greeted by a bright, cheerful, polite, smiling, upbeat, and happy woman at the window. Coffee with whipped cream, ma’am? Here you go and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Take care!  

All I can say is, she must be new.

19 thoughts on “Fresh Faces

  1. I’m not a morning person, to put it mildly. There’s little I dislike more than someone who is chipper, bright, cheerful, polite, smiling, upbeat, and happy when I’m trying hard to go back to sleep & hope the car remembers how to get to the office.

    The first ones up against the wall when the revolution comes! Assuming that the revolution comes at some decent hour of the day, like, after 11:00. Ish.

    • I am most definitely NOT a morning person but because of that, I need people who are nice to be nice to me. LOL If they’re grumpy, then I just get even grumpier. But if they’re TOO nice, then I get grumpier too. It’s a catch 22. LOL

  2. Hey- well I think it is that McDonald’s – and we have been to many this year because on some road trips this is easy and usually has something for everyone-
    In our town – we live near two of the busiest McDonald’s in this community – I guess they are owned by the same family – and they have s certain similar vibe in both places – a little aloof – but orders usually correct and things are fine-
    Anyhow – this reminds me of s Walmart story – I hardly got there any more – but did for about ten years.
    So one day – we stopped to realize that the last few times we were at this Walmart – things were so pleasant – nice folks and enough cashiers –
    We noted it to an employee at check out and they said they had a new GM 6 months before that/ and I think the new leadership trickled down into the employees and we felt it!
    I think the leaders and managers are responsible for the mood and vibe of a place
    And hoping this newest employee does. Not burn out! Maybe this person’s positive side will bring some fresh change that lasts!

  3. You’re familiar with the “broken windows” theory?
    Sounds to me like this new employee might be trying to “fix” a “window” or two.
    Let’s just hope the work environment is not so turbulent as to get her exasperated to the point where she finally “gives up” and “turns it back over to” its usual in-store climate.

  4. I am not sure why it says I am not following you on my phone? Clumsy fingers?
    Anyway, I have found at my 3 local McDonald’s that two are efficient and yet not as friendly nor recognize me as the other one. I go to the efficient McD’s less often than the friendly one. As I have gotten to know them, they do seem to be taking more care. When I ask them, “Is this or that in the bags?” They seem to realize their problem with total orders! Hoping this works for more places I go.
    I get iced caramel coffees for a buck, the Southwest salad with grilled chicken once a week. I love their fries and breakfast sandwiches. At least the taste is consistent among the three places locally. 🙂

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