Time Lost

Well, with the end of daylight savings time yesterday evening, the clock in my bedroom is now off by just 16 minutes instead of the usual 1 hour and 16 minutes. Will I be inspired to drag out the footstool and finally replace the battery and reset the time? Doubtful. Anyway, it’s much more fun in the early morning hours to do the complicated mathematical figuring that will allow us to be on time for school and work…why switch routines now?

Although I do wonder how long it will take to get into the habit of realizing the equation now only takes into consideration 16 minutes rather than 76. Oh, well. Guess we’ll see come Monday morning.



12 thoughts on “Time Lost

  1. You’re just like me! Every clock I have shows a different time, and none of them is right. My alarm clock is five minutes slow, my car’s clock is two minutes fast and my stove clock is an hour and seven minutes behind.

    Plus, my cuckoo clock doesn’t even work, but it was a gift from family, and they’d be devastated if I threw it away.

    • I always keep my car’s clock running fast — hoping it will make me on time to wherever I’m going. It doesn’t work. I have a cuckoo clock! The cuckoo refuses to come out all of the time, but that’s my fault. I need to have him fixed. I love my cuckoo clock (it was a gift from my kids).

      • Setting my car’s clock two minutes fast doesn’t work for me, either. (Well, actually, I didn’t set it, per we. It’s just fast, and I don’t know how to fix it. I’ve tried, but I succeeded only in changing the radio from FM to AM. So now I’m stuck listening to talk radio instead of classic rock.) ☹️

  2. We have two classes of timepieces in the compound, the “smart” ones which are connected to the internet and reset themselves, and the “old” ones which don’t and have to be reset. They’re further separated as groups by the fact that the smart ones are self correcting so they’re rarely more than a second or so different from each other, while the old ones tend to drift a few seconds fast here, a few seconds slow there… Over the course of many months, I end up knowing that this one is three minutes fast, that one’s a minute slow, etc.

    THEN this day comes along twice a year, and rather than put a clock that’s five minutes fast back 60 minutes, I’ll put it back 65 minutes so it now syncs with all of the smart devices. Of course, then I have to remember that they’re all “true” for a couple of weeks, until they start drifting again, each at their own rate.

    In your case, how far are you from work in the morning? In other words, if you’re ten minutes away and you get there an hour early tomorrow morning, is it worth taking the ten minutes to drive back home, fix the damn clock, have some coffee, and then drive back to work “on time?”

  3. if it were me, I’d change your battery and reset your clock only I wouldn’t tell you if the time was accurate or not. I’d just leave a “It’s fixed now!” post-it for you.

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