Odd Sightings in a Small Town

I’m not one who is flustered, flabbergasted, or flummoxed easily.  It’s true that my fellow humans often leave me shaking my head, however, it’s not usually in confusion so much as a sad realization of just how awful or stupid people can be. Sometimes I’m actually inspired by the antics of my fellow man and in those cases, I’m rather awestruck…but I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m baffled or astounded by their behavior.  Until today.

This. This is what stared me in the face as I drove through my little one-stoplight-one-road-in-and-one-road-out town. Driving home past the Historical Society, the Art Center, and the Library, it glared at me as I desperately tried to ferret out a reason…any reason…for its presence. And still. Still. I’m bedeviled by this creature’s place in the world, nay, by its very existence.

Oh, if only I had had the opportunity to meet with its apparent owner! Perhaps all of my questions would be answered. Or more likely – others would simply arise.

So here I sit. Drinking. And anxiously pondering life and giant spiders in small-town America.





15 thoughts on “Odd Sightings in a Small Town

    • I wondered if he had it there as a pet? There is a pick-up truck around here (has been for years!) with the open bed of the truck encapsulated in a chain link cage (if you can imagine) and on the sides of the cage are stuffed monkeys and gorillas. It’s not a new truck, it started out old and raggedy looking. Quite the sight. I’ve never met the man who drives it but I’ve always wondered…why??

  1. “Ma’am, did you know you ran that stop sign?”

    “I had to officer, she commanded it, it’s not my fault!”

    “You ‘had’ to, ma’am? Who is ‘she’?”

    “Shelob, Queen of the Spiders, Princess of the Dark. She commanded me. She’s in a hurry to get back to her web so she can feed my still-living body to her spawning horde.”

    “Beg your pardon, ma’am, but did you say…”

    “Please, kill me now, I can hear her in my thoughts, she’s longing to have her evil spawn feasting in my flesh.”

    “Ma’am, it’s just a cheap, cheezy Halloween decoration.”

    “It’s what she wants you to think, save yourself while you can!”

    *on radio* “I’m going to need backup here.”

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