Monday Morning Revelations

Here I sit with my early morning cup of coffee awaiting the child, who, after the 3rd call to arms was finally making an appearance, bemoaning her upcoming descent into hell (or what some call school) as she dragged herself slowly to the bathroom — deciding apparently that the Board of Ed’s set schedule was obviously meant for other students and not her.

It’s that time on a Monday morning when I contemplate my week’s required work, both professional and personal, and try to mentally set a schedule for each task. As I arrange my ideas and mental calendar, I watch the ne’er-do-well (aka Holly the evil cat) knock a decorative glass bottle off the antique dresser she’s not supposed to be on and in so doing, my eye catches sight of a business card — a business card that upon further inspection, announces a vet appointment for the hellhounds…an appointment first thing this morning that I had, of course, completely forgotten about until this very moment (okay, I still don’t remember, but obviously it’s meant to happen — why else would I have the card?).

I instantly regret putting off bathing the two hellhounds after their romp in the puddles during our walk late last night and I hang my head in preemptive shame for the looks I know I will receive from the vet tech over their raggedy condition. “Oh sure, do it tomorrow you thought, it can wait, you thought. It’s midnight after all, you thought. It’s not like we have to go anywhere first thing in the morning.” Great.

As the “I don’t want to go to school and I’m going to drag this out as long as possible” slamming and banging from the other room gets louder and louder, another memory creeps into my consciousness. The English project that should’ve been completed this weekend. “Hey! Did you get that character analysis done?” The clattering stops abruptly. Total silence. Of course.

With a heavy sigh, I finally take my first sip of the much-needed sweet and creamy caffeine-laden liquid pick-me-up in my cup…at long last. Too late, I realize my mistake. I forgot to put in the sugar. Blech.

I tip my imaginary hat to Monday. So it’s going to be like that, is it? Well played, Monday. Well played indeed.





14 thoughts on “Monday Morning Revelations

  1. see, if you’re lucky you’ll live long enough to get to experience what your place will be like to have all to yourself after she moves out. then you can run around in your underwear all day long if you like.

    ewww! coffee without sugar? ick! is that a penance for some sins or something?

    • I’m sure the neighbors would LOVE that! LOL And yeah, strong coffee without sugar is one of the most disgusting things in existence. This whole day has been a penance of some sin or other and I keep racking my brain trying to figure out what! Oh, not that there aren’t any possibilities…just too many to narrow it down.

  2. ha – you are funny – at first I thought you were going to continue on with the coffee as going down to lift you up – and the belch came – ha!
    happy monday anyway

  3. My girls were above average in getting up and dragging around the house. My son, on the other hand, would get up fairly well but once dropped off in front of school, would walk leisurely through the school and out the back door! 😀

  4. You were hilarious and I never like my coffee without a lot of sugar and flavored creamer either. It is sad how Mondays are the worst days of the week. . . too bad we just can’t skip over to Tuesday or better yet, Thursday! 😉

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