It’s for Arts and Crafts!

So, I saw this today at the local coffee shop — apparently it was a leftover from a holiday arts and crafts and coffee and wine night they had at the shop last week. I thought they would make cute little gift-tags to add to the outside of everyone’s Christmas presents next year and vowed to steal borrow the idea. Even I could make something like this and hey, it gives me a reason to drink more wine throughout the year…I mean, I need used corks for the project, right!? It’s good to have goals.





7 thoughts on “It’s for Arts and Crafts!

  1. and remember, it’s totally “green” for the earth as well. see? you’d be helping the world to be a better place. 😉

  2. Yes, I have a fish bowl of corks so I will have to try this! Maybe figure out an Easter Bunny! 😉
    Wishing you a happy and fun New Year’s celebration! Cheers!

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