Hearts and Candy (and Cold Hard Cash)

Okay, so in case there was any residual doubt as to just how quickly the holidays change over in the retail world – here you go. These pics were taken at a local chain store a mere two days after Christmas.  Nothing like getting a head start I suppose. And people have the nerve to decry the ever-growing over-commercialization and materialistic take on holidays. Can’t imagine what in the world ever gave them an idea like that.



aisles of candy and stuffed bears abound



cards for every valentine in your life


*Disclaimer: my daughter took one picture and I took the other. I’ll give you one guess as to who took which. Hint: mine isn’t the “good” one. 

9 thoughts on “Hearts and Candy (and Cold Hard Cash)

  1. With robots & automation on the rise, soon all stores will have their holiday items up for all holidays 365 days a year. The store floor will be like a monstrous lazy Susan with the sections for each holiday growing and moving toward the front of the store as the holiday approaches, then shrinking and moving to the back as it passes. Sort of like a real-life automated pie chart.

  2. Wow, so everyone who has been alone for Christmas will now be reminded that they are alone for the next 1 and a half months leading up to Valentines. Smh. I’m just glad I’ve got someone to buy crap for on this one particular day so they realise that I love them 😉

  3. I didn’t really think that Valentine’s day promotions would start until after New Year’s Eve! Yikes!
    Your photo wasn’t bad but your daughter captured quite an expanse of cards aisle and choices!

  4. I swear, merchants and advertisers are but bureaucrats of a different vein.
    …still having the same underlying characteristics of the typical government variety: clinical, perfunctory, propensity for always being “technical” about everything, eternally scripted in thought and deed.

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