Happy New Year, Happy Life

Another year has passed us by and the year coming…well, let’s just hope for the best, shall we? I thought about resolutions this year, but the thing with resolutions is – they are all too often made half-heartedly and therefore easily broken. Plus, who says we have to make serious commitments to life-altering changes only once a year? Wouldn’t it be better to make adjustments as the year, and life, wears on?

Deciding on foregoing resolutions will certainly help one’s self-esteem – no resolutions made, no resolutions to break and feel guilty about later in the year month week. I mean, seriously, who needs more guilt?

Be a better person. Live a better life. Take chances. Those are resolutions worth making and would hopefully be easily kept. As for that diet or exercise regimen? Sure, make those too if you want, but just remember, promises casually given, even to oneself, are easily broken. In which case, don’t beat yourself up for it…I have no doubt throughout the coming year there will be times when you will feel the need to change some aspect about yourself or your life – seize it! For all intents and purposes, those decisions, those opportunities, they are your New Year’s resolutions, even if they come in July.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Happy Life

  1. Happy New Year! I don’t do resolutions either – if there are things you need to change in your life you’ll change them when you’re ready and it won’t be a “resolution,” it will be because you need to change the way you live your life. Losing weight, exercising more, stopping smoking, more time spent writing (or whatever), less time spent watching stupid TV shows (or whatever) – all of these will happen when you’re so sick of something or so afraid of something that you finally change who you are & what you do.

    Nothing magic about Jan 1st in that respect. It is a good opportunity to reflect & evaluate – also a good day for football, parades, and (safe) partying! I hope you get to do some fun stuff!

  2. I’m working on losing weight. lol It’s not a resolution it’s a goal. I’m posed on the apex of the cone of confusion for a few more days or weeks or months. Weeks I think.
    As always I embrace the change. 💛👍

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