Travel Plans

It might be from the idiotic or just downright horrible human beings I come across daily in my work or perhaps it will be something as simple as a trip through a grocery store parking lot. But one of these days, I’m going to eyeroll myself into another dimension.



10 thoughts on “Travel Plans

    • Ha! I guess not. Though some of the people I come across at work (not co-workers) I have no desire to “bond” with. As for the grocery store parking lot, if people would just keep moving or get out of the way, we’d have no issues. LOL

  1. I can’t help but think that it would be worth the price of admission to see you drive in LA for the first time. At rush hour. On the 405, seven lanes in both directions going (maybe) at 5 mph.

    I wouldn’t wish that on you, really, but the thought does have a certain “Coen Brothers film noir” quality to it.

    • Well, if they were ever to show it on t.v., you wouldn’t be able to catch the dialogue for all the censoring or else it would be some pretty creative dubbing. And by the end of the film, I would either have been driven slowly but completely insane and people would be left wondering what was to become of me as I sat in my car mute and shaking my head, or I’d be taken away in handcuffs. Or a straight-jacket. Or both.

      • Being completely insane, sitting in your car, mute, shaking your head, in a straight-jacket is perfectly normal for the 405 Freeway at rush hour. It’s the people who are singing at the top of their lungs with the windows all rolled up so all you see is their facial expressions – they’re the ones who make it all worthwhile.

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