Dress for Warm Weather

Is it me, or are we going to hell in that handbasket a lot faster than originally thought?  I mean, who does this kind of thing?  What the hell is wrong with people? And why does it seem like there are more and more news stories just as crazy as this one making an appearance every day? Oh yeah, for society as a whole, I’d definitely suggest packing for a warmer climate. It won’t be long before we’re all on that whirlwind tour down south…way south.


The headline says it all, but feel free to click the pic for the news story.

The headline says it all, but feel free to click the pic for the news story.


7 thoughts on “Dress for Warm Weather

  1. well you know it had to happen up north cuz he would have had his ass whooped by southern ladies if he did it down south. that or they just would have shot his ass.

  2. Insane and disgusting. The girlfriend of one of the therapists got off the el, on her way to work, and a homeless man walked up to her and punched her in the face. He left work to take care of her and she had an MRI and all kinds of tests but ended up being okay. People are truly getting worse. Seriously…it’s not because we hear of it…they are just getting worse and more disgusting all the time.

  3. I tend to be pretty moderate, progressive, forgiving – but I have to wonder sometimes if we haven’t just gone a bit too far as a society in tolerating legitimately bad and evil people. We love a good redemption story, but after three strikes (as a figure of speech, not as an idiot law used to punish minorities 10 times as much as whites) maybe it’s time to just accept that you can’t cure everyone.

    A rabid dog can’t be blamed for being rabid, but that doesn’t mean you let it loose to run around. I can’t help but think that in a less tolerant society, someone would get away with this sort of thing once, period.

    Not sure if it’s good or bad to be where we are.

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